Restaurant Review: Delicious, Kuala Lumpur

I venture to only share my absolute best food experience with my readers. I would like to think that I have better things to do with my time that to bad-mouth a restaurant and my readers certainly have better things to do with theirs than to read about bad food. That being the case, I was in two minds as whether or not to write this review. Delicious, which has several branches in Kuala Lumpur, is rather a peculiar case: its menu going from the exceptional to the wholly uninspired.

My latest visit to Delicious was to their Mid Valley Megamall restaurant, situated in the bustling outside area between Mid Valley and The Gardens. Comfy seating and clean white-wash wooden tables create a relaxed feel, although it’s a shame about the noise from the traffic.

Parched from the heat, I started with one of their unusual drinks: watermelon and lychee blast (RM10.90), an oh-so refreshing blend of fresh fruit, ice and a touch of mint. The elegant flavours were beautifully balanced to create a light and juicy beverage. Amongst the chef’s drinks recommendations are the ‘Soda Rose’; a bubbly and floral drink, and the Delicious iced tea (RM8.90); English Breakfast tea spiked with strawberry and mint which, although served cold, I much preferred hot when ordered upon request. The spiced apple chai latte (RM9.90) and cookie crumble cappuccino (RM12.50) make for delectably naughty breakfast treats!


The range of salads are well thought-out, fresh and never overdressed. You won’t leave craving a large plate of fries; there is much indulgence to be had in these bowls of health. The pumpkin and papaya salad (RM21.90) with creamy avocado, golden pumpkin, sweet papaya and crisp spinach, speckled with toasted pine nuts, is fresh and colourful. I highly recommend adding the seared beef (+RM11.50) which comes thinly sliced and blushing pink. The crunchy kimchi salad (RM21.90) lives up to its name; no soggy lettuce here. Pops of spice, spring onion and fragrant herbs tantalise the taste buds. The balsamic mushroom (RM23.90) salad with its dark and sticky glaze, bouncy mushrooms and peppery rocket is a sophisticated choice and the ideal precursor to a meat dish.


Beyond this point, Delicious takes a fatal dive of the culinary cliff. The mains comprise of lack-lustre sauces, under-seasoned meat dishes and dry pastas. The magic behind the opening dishes seems to be taking quality, fresh ingredients and pairing them with complimenting flavours. If only the ingredients were left to do the talking throughout the menu, this could be a marvellous restaurant.



G-011 Lingkaran Syed Putra

Mid Valley City Megamall

Kuala Lumpur


+603 2287 5770

Open 10:00-22:00 daily.

Recreate at home: Watermelon and lychee blast


3 cups fresh watermelon, seeds removed

1 cup lychee, canned

1tbsp lychee syrup, from can

1/2 cup ice cubes

2-3 mint leaves, finely chopped

mint springs, to garnish

whole lychees, to garnish


Place all ingredients in a blender and blitz until a “slushy” consistency.

Pour into a glass and garnish with a lychee and a sprig of mint.

Drink immediately.


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