Restaurant Review: Fierce Curry House, Kuala Lumpur

Fierce Curry House is by no means grand, but they certainly live up to their name when it comes to serving the fiercest briyani in town. This mamak-style restaurant has a limited menu of briyani, banana leaf rice, roti canai and nasi lemak. They have mastered these dishes and are the perfect example of how less can be more.

briyani rice

The briyani are what pull in the crowds. Four versions are served in rotation according to the day; chicken, vegetarian, fish and mutton, with lobster, crab, king prawn and scallop versions available to pre-order (but they come at a price). The rice is authentically prepared and reflects exactly the meaning behind its name; briyani translates to “loose or unstuck rice”. The vibrant grains are fragrant with cardamon, cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander seed, clove and saffron. The mutton briyani is our favourite; the meat is tender and flavourful. The accompanying curry sauce has a light consistency and helps bind the rice grains, aiding the tricky bowl-to-mouth journey that otherwise results in most of the flurry grains tumbling from your fork. A simple but tasty mixture of pickled vegetables and a cooling salad with raita dressing complement the main event.

Banana leaf rice

The banana leaf rice is equally impressive. The meal comes in a tidy metal tray, lined with pieces of banana leaf; a nod to tradition. The tray’s sections are filled with a variety of vegetable dishes, such as velvety stir-fried aubergine, pickled cabbage with red chilli, kangkung with garlic and green beans with chunks of fiery green chillies. A nicely spiced and not overly sweet mango chutney, plus two broth-type sauces also come with the platter. A large dried chilli sits proudly upon the dome of nasi lemak rice; a warning for the diner that Fierce don’t mess about when it comes to spice! Order your chosen curry and a flaky roti (layered with tissue thin dough) to complete the set and you are ready to begin an exciting picnic.

For an even fiercer curry-house experience, head down to Fiercer by Fierce at Solaris Dutamas; the same great taste in a slightly more stylish location. Stop by for an after work drink and a curry; the bar offers a list of around 20 cocktails.

Fierce Curry House

16, Jalan Kemuja

Kuala Lumpur


+601 9383 0945

Open 07:30-22:30 daily.


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