Café Review: Antipodean, Kuala Lumpur

Aussie-Kiwi-style café, Antipodean, is a renowned name in KL’s coffee culture. It helped pioneer the Klang Valley’s café boom years ago, at which time it was considered to be one of the most ‘in vogue’ places to eat breakfast in KL. Now a chain of 3 stores, Antipodean is dedicated to serving healthy breakfasts, hearty lunches, delicious cakes and quality coffee to its ever-expanding following.


Blackboard Menu

The Mid Valley branch is a popular site, perfectly located for a pit-stop between shops. Prepare to queue as securing a table is notoriously difficult during the lunch rush. The outside seating is a little claustrophobic, but nevertheless cozy. Although their signature backboard menu is a quirky touch, it would have been nice to also provide a paper copy. I’m rather an indecisive person and spent a good ten minutes contorting my body and dodging people’s heads to see the selection!

Mid Valley Cafe

Mid Valley Cafe

I finally decided upon the grilled chicken (RM18); a generous portion of succulent, charred meat, stacked on juicy grilled tomatoes and a bed of crispy long green beans, and drizzled with an accomplished balsamic reduction. The glossy sauce paired well with the tomatoes, which had been cooked into a mellow sweetness, but still held their shape well under the weight of the chicken pieces.

Grilled chicken with tomatoes, green beans and balsamic dressing

Grilled chicken with tomatoes, green beans and balsamic dressing

The Thai beef salad (RM17) came served in a lettuce lined bowl with blushing pink strips of beef, pungent coriander and a spicy dressing. A well balanced and radiant dish of greens and purples.


Thai beef salad

Antipodean offers a selection of unique juices and smoothies. The Telaga Bay Sunrise (RM12) is a great all-rounder; a gentle blend of banana, orange and strawberry. For the more daring juice-drinker, try the Joanna’s Lips (RM12), made with beetroot, celery and ginger. This Joanna must have been a foxy lady; be prepared to leave with a scarlet pout!


Telaga Bay Sunrise, Joanna’s Lips & a flat-white

A good cup of coffee can be hard to find. Thankfully Antipodean has you covered, using top-quality beans roasted by Indonesia’s leading speciality roaster: Merdeka Coffee. The classic Aussie flat-white is rich and aromatic, topped with a stiff foam (be wary of that dreaded “milk moustache” with this one). Cute is the word that comes to mind for the piccolo latte; a teeny glass of milky coffee topped with a heart-stamped foam.

Piccolo latte

Piccolo latte

Cake and biscuit choices span classic favourites such as carrot cake, Australian sticky date cake and crumbly shortbread, to more innovative creations such as their caramelised apple and cashew cake and the raisin loaf studded with juicy fruits. Everything is baked in-house using recipes handed down by famous kiwi chefs and relatives.

Cookie Jars

Cookie Jars

The Melting Moment biscuits live up to their name. The two rounded biscuits crumble into a moist vanilla sand and are sandwiched together with a white chocolate filling. The Nutmeg Orange Zing cookies have a warming background of spice and are flecked with fruity zest and spread with a glass-like, sugary glaze. Both make a great pairing to your coffee.

Melting Moment biscuit and Nutmeg-Orange cookie

Melting Moment biscuit and Nutmeg Orange Zing cookie

Antipodean’s Lemon Meringue Pie is also not to be missed. The stiff, airy meringue towers tall above the bright lemon curd and buttery biscuit base.

Lemon Meringue Pie

Lemon Meringue Pie

Antipodean has definitely earned it spot amongst KL’s best cafés: My only qualm was with the pestering staff. They are a friendly bunch, going out of their way to be attentive and helpful. However, I couldn’t help but feel as if I was being rushed out the door. For me, clearing one person’s plate while others are still eating is a major no-no.


GE-011(A), Ground Floor, Mid Valley Megamall

Lingkaran Syed Putra


Kuala Lumpur

+601 2260 6042

Open 07:30-24:00 daily.


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