Speciality British Cheeses by J.J.Sandham

Speciality Cheddar, Lancashire and Wensleydale Cheeses

Speciality Cheddar, Lancashire and Wensleydale Cheeses

J.J.Sandham is a family-run cheese-maker that had been making award-winning Lancashire cheeses since 1929. They are now one of Britain’s most successful and trusted independent cheese-makers, committed to providing us their quality cheeses made with passion and care. They recently made an appearance at Manchester’s Food and Drinks Festival, where I was able to sample some of their incredible creations.

Speciality Cheddar, Lancashire and Wensleydale Cheeses

Speciality Cheddar, Lancashire and Wensleydale Cheeses

All of J.J.Sandham’s cheeses are made to a traditional recipe, however, they are continually developing new flavours to meet with out changing palettes.

The company make classic favourites from regions around the UK, such as creamy Red Leicester, tangy Wensleydale, our go-to Cheddar and their award-winning Lancashire cheese (which comes in three distinct types; creamy, tangy or crumbly, to suit every preference).

Goat and sheep’s milk cheeses are also available, using milk from local farms.

When visiting the J.J.Sandham stall at the market, I was most drawn to their ‘blended’ cheeses. Their ‘sweet-blended’ Wendsleydale with cranberries was a perfect balance of sweet and tangy – true mastery of a classic combination. But the one that got me was their Lemon Crumble cheese – my mouth was watering before I had even tasted a slice. This cheese would be gorgeous with some peppery rocket.

Oriental inspiration was found in their Teriyaki and fresh garlic cheese, while the red onion chutney and red wine cheese sold out in no time – no surprised there, these flavours are great for cheese, crackers and wine on an autumn evening. Being a huge fan of ginger and of brandy in the winter months, I bought the brandy and ginger Cheddar cheese – I could have eaten the whole round on its own!

Brandy and Ginger Cheddar

Brandy and Ginger Cheddar

You must try the smoked Cheddar cheese. J.J.Sandham smoke their own cheese and after a decade of practice, they have perfected the art. Traditional English Oak of the finest quality is used, including Cherry, Applewood and Hickory. The smoked flavour is prominent, but not overpowering; enhancing rather than concealing the cheese’s natural flavours and giving a rich and smooth nuttiness – this is my top choice for the ultimate ham and cheese toastie, to be dipped into chutney for an added explosion of flavour.

Contact J.J.Sandham via email at info@jjsandham.co.uk, or by telephone on +44 (0)1995 640247.

See more at www.jjsandham.co.uk.

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