Restaurant Review: Chez Regis, Montpellier

Chez Régis, Montpellier

Chez Régis, Montpellier

I couldn’t leave France without going out for classic moules-frites – the grand finale to my time here in Montpellier! Chez Régis is a restaurant that specialises in mussel and basically sells nothing else. As you can see from the menu bellow, they have every topping you could possibly imagine.

How do you like your mussels?

How do you like your mussels?

1 kilo of mussels are served in a large black pot – in England, I am sure we would have been advised to share, however, in France having a pot to yourself is the norm! Well, when in Rome (…or Montpellier)! We were extremely full by the end – definitely no room for dessert, but well worth the protruding round tummies that resulted in me polishing off my pot.

Giant pot of mussels

Giant pot of mussels

I went to the restaurant with my mum and we decided to go half-and-half on 2 different sauces. Our first choice was moules à la provençale (tomato, basil, parsley, garlic and olive sauce). This was bound to be a great choice as provençal is the sauce of the south. This tomato sauce was rich and thick, bountiful with robust black olives and enlivened from the brilliantly green fresh parsley. A wonderfully balanced sauce which did not overpower the mussels despite its strong flavours.

Moules à la provençal

Moules à la provençale

Second, we chose moules à la roquefort (roquefort cheese sauce), both my mum and I being lovers of strong blue cheeses. This sauce is perfect for dipping your chips in at the end! An extremely creamy and indulgent topping, freshened up with parsley (although rather salty from the cheese).

Moules à la Roquefort

Moules à la Roquefort

I’m not usually a fan of chips, but these were wonderfully golden, crisp and fluffy. It would have been a crime not to soak up all the sauces.



Our precariously balanced tower of shells – a sign of very happy customers.

Tower of shells

Tower of shells

Chez Régis

3 Place Jean Jaurès



T: +33 4 67 60 53 95

Open 11:30-14:30, 19:00-00:00 (Mon-Sat), closed Sun

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