Restaurant Review: L’instant Gourmand, Montpellier

L'instant Gourmand

L’instant Gourmand

A taste of Morocco in Montpellier.; gorgeous tagines, cous cous and vegetable dishes. What could be more inviting than their bright pink tables, array of blackboards promoting delicious dishes and the warming glow from within, even in daylight.

I have never been to Morocco, but I absolutely love the cuisine. The dishes served up at l’Instand Gourmand seemed pretty authentic to me; presentation was a little slap-dash but the flavour was unmatchable. In the tiny cupboard kitchen, the talented chefs watched attentively over their slow-cooking pots. With patience and know how, they infused a world of flavour into their food.

Nibbles and Wine

Nibbles and Wine

I sipped on a smooth Pic Saint Loup (€4.60) and nibbled on bread and crackers while reading through the menu, which boasted salads, soups and tarts, tagines and couscous and a wide selection of desserts.

Wine list

Wine list



Everything sounded delicious and the spicy aromas drifting out of the kitchen were a promising sign. I chose the lamb tagine with confit lemon, raisins and spices, served with potatoes and sprinkled with fresh coriander leaves (€15). It was a hearty portion and even heartier in flavour. The blushing lamb fell apart with the slightly touch of my fork; a mouthwatering delight. Each bite was an explosion of plump, golden raisins, peppy lemon and a wonderful blend of warming spices, such as cinnamon and turmeric. Nuggets of soft carrot and velvety courgette balanced the dish well and the wedges of potato, although unexciting, were perfect for soaking up all of the flavoursome juices when crushed into the gravy.

Lamb tagine with potatoes

Lamb tagine with potatoes

Lamb tagine with potatoes

Lamb tagine with potatoes

I had no room left for dessert, but the complementary offering of Moroccan mint tea was a nice post-meal refreshment.

Moroccan mint tea with fresh mint and pine kernels

Moroccan mint tea with fresh mint and pine kernels

L’Instant Gourmand

11 Rue des Teissiers



T: +33 4 67 60 82 97

Open 12:00-14:00 & 19:00-22:00 (Mon-Sat), closed Sun


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