My Favourite Patisseries in Montpellier

Montpellier is certainly not a place to live if you’re on a diet. There is a patisserie at every turn, always brightly coloured with an array of mouth-watering bakes posing in the window and the aroma of sweet bakes beckoning you inside. Who could resist?

I must have visited over twenty bakeries during my stay there, but three became my regular stops.

1. Pistache et Chocolat

Pistache et Chocolat

Pistache et Chocolat

First up, Pistache et Chocolat, also known as my biggest downfall in my fight for health. This bakery was conveniently located right outside my gym. I’m sure you can see what happened there – one hour of sweating completely ruined with 5 minutes of setting foot outside.

Pistache et Chocolat's pain au raisin

Pistache et Chocolat’s pain au raisin

I’ll accord the prize of best pain au raisin to Pistache et Chocolat. Their’s was by far the best tasting one that I have ever eaten – glowingly golden, generously filled with a smooth custard bursting with vanilla flavour and brimming with plump raisins.

Pistache et Chocolat's tarte pistache abricot

Pistache et Chocolat’s tarte pistache abricot

Another of my favourites was the pistachio and apricot tart, with buttery pastry and a seriously moist pistachio filling, topped with fruity glazed fresh apricot halves.

Pistache et Chocolat

9 Rue Proudhon



T: +33 (0)9 51 25 27 76

Open 8:00-19:00 (Mon-Fri), 8:00-18:00 (Sat), closed Sun

2. L’authentique



L’authentique is without a doubt Montpellier’s best bakery in my eyes – they could do no wrong and everything that I bought there was absolute perfection. Out of the depths of their wood burning oven came batch after batch of crusty, flour-dusted breads of every shape, size and flavour. And their cakes, tarts, pastries and savoury treats were equally as spectacular.



L'Authentique's tarts

L’Authentique’s tarts

L'Authentique's breads and pastries

L’Authentique’s breads and pastries

L'Authentique's breads

L’Authentique’s breads

Every country has their own take on a cheesecake and L’authentique does France proud, offering a tart and fruity fruits rouges version and my personal favourite, the pear and dark chocolate cheesecake. The cheesecake filling is as light as air, sweet with vanilla and sits upon a crisp pastry base. Not overly rich – I could eat an entire cake, although it’s probably advisable to stick to a single generous.

L'Authentique's red fruits cheesecake

L’Authentique’s red fruits cheesecake

L'Authentique's pear and chocolate cheesecake

L’Authentique’s pear and chocolate cheesecake

L'Authentique's pain au chocolat

L’Authentique’s pain au chocolat

Pistache et Chocolat may have taken the cake for their pain au raisin, but L’authentique’s pain au chocolat was unmatched. Flawless is the only word to describe it – buttery, flakey, and using a high-quality, cocoa-rich dark chocolate with a wonderful balance of bitterness and sweetness. Despite having been out of the oven a little while and cooled, the chocolate had not returned to a set state – it was wonderfully smooth and creamy – delectable.

Tarte aux Pommes

Tarte aux Pommes

The apple puff pastry tart didn’t disappoint – soft, caramelised apples sliced thinly and arranged with precision onto a golden, crisp base.

L'Authentique's quiche

L’Authentique’s quiche

Savoury creations are also top-notch here. The caramelised onion quiche made for a lovely light lunch. A smooth and light fresh egg filling, seasoned with local herbs and baked inside a buttery, golden pastry case.


7, Faubourg Saunerie



T: +33 (0)4 67 92 68 69

Open 7:00-19:00 (Mon-Sat)

3. L’épi Gaulois

L'Epi Gaulois' baguette

L’Epi Gaulois’ baguette

My final pick; L’épi Gaulois. This patisserie was my local, situated right on my doorstep. I loved popping in for a freshly baked baguette, or stopping by for a croissant and coffee before and early morning start at university. The selection here was traditionally french, with…

L'Epi Gaulois' éclair au chocolat

L’Epi Gaulois’ éclair au chocolat

…light and fresh chocolate éclairs…

L'Epi Gaulois' tarte tatin

L’Epi Gaulois’ tarte tatin

… juicy, caramelised tarte tatins…

L'Epi Gaulois' chocolate macaron

L’Epi Gaulois’ chocolate macaron

… chewy chocolate macarons…

L'Epi Gaulois' fraisier

L’Epi Gaulois’ fraisier

…fresh cream frasiers…

L'Epi Gaulois' mille feuille

L’Epi Gaulois’ mille feuille

…layered, custardy mille-feuilles…

L'Epi Gaulois' fondant au chocolat

L’Epi Gaulois’ fondant au chocolat

… oozing chocolate fondants…

L'Epi Gaulois' custard flan

L’Epi Gaulois’ custard flan

…smooth, intensely vanilla custard flans…

L'Epi Gaulois' opéra

L’Epi Gaulois’ opéra

… elegant opera cakes…

L'Epi Gaulois' croissant aux amandes and pain au chocolat

L’Epi Gaulois’ croissant aux amandes and pain au chocolat

… and of course, breakfast pastries such as pain au chocolat and croissant aux amandes.

L’épi Gaulois

470 Rue Paul Rimbaud



Open daily

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