Ginger Bakes

I am going through a bit of a ginger phase at the moment. Ginger is such a wonderful spice, with layers of flavour. It is deep and warming, with a fiery spicy kick if you use the fresh root, and is oh so moreish in baking.

These Chunky Chocolate Ginger Cookies are possibly the most delicious cookies I have ever baked. They are baked until just cooked through so that they remain cakes inside, and if you sneak one away while still warm from the over, the chocolate oozes. Ginger gives them a warming background spice and nuggets of fiery sweetness from the crystallised ginger chunks. This recipe is a MUST!

My second ginger bake is a wonderfully light and sticky Ginger and Ale Sponge Squares. The ginger is mellowed out by the ale. Don’t leave this cake too long – it’s best eaten fresh.


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